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Turning Spaces into Places


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Latest News and Events

  • Towards improved public spaces and water supply in Hani i Elezit/Elez Han

    09 July 2014

    On 8th of July 2014, the Municipality of Hani i Elezit/Elez Han and UN-Habitat's Municipal Spatial Planning Support Programme (MuSPP) funded by the Swedish Development Cooperation exchanged an Agreement of Cooperation for co-funding a Capital Investment Project (CIP) in the said Municipality. The CIP will improve public spaces in Paldenica and Gorance, the two biggest villages of Hani I Elezit.

  • MuSPP co-finances the improvement of public space in Gračanica/GrašanicŰ Municipality

    27 June 2014

    On 26th of June 2014, an agreement of cooperation was exchanged between the Municipality of Gračanica/GrašanicŰ and UN-Habitat/ Municipal Spatial Planning Support Programme (MuSPP) funded by the Swedish Development Cooperation. This agreement was signed for the implementation of a Capital Investment Project (CIP) aiming at regulating and upgrading the schoolyard and playground park in Radevo/RadevŰ.

  • The Municipal Assembly of Gracanica/ Gracanice approves the Municipal Development Plan 2014- 2029+

    25 June 2014

    Upon consent by the Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning (MESP), on the fulfillment of the requirements deriving from the Law no. 04/L-174 on Spatial Planning and Law no. 03/L-230 on Strategic Environmental Assessment, the Municipal Assembly of Gracanica/ Gracanice approved the Municipal Development Plan (MDP) on June 23, 2014.

  • Brainstorming on Technical Norms for Spatial Planning towards sustainable and efficient land-use management

    19 June 2014

    A joint workshop organized by the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning (MESP) and MuSPP that took place on 18th June, in Prishtina has gathered together planners representing local and central level institutions, University of Prishtina and practitioners in spatial planning to discuss and share their ideas about the Technical Norms in Spatial Planning (TNSP).

  • Local Waste Management Planning in Kosovo

    12 June 2014

    Addressing environmental concerns is one of the important priorities in Kosovo on its orientation towards European integration process. The Government of Kosovo has recently approved the National Strategy and Action Plan on Waste Management. These documents recognise that the pollution caused by improper waste management is one of the greatest environmental challenges in Kosovo. Several MuSPP3 partner municipalities have identified solid waste management as one of the most critical issues they are currently facing in the environmental field, and two municipalities have requested the Municipal Spatial Planning Support Programme (MuSPP) for specific guidance on this matter, namely by updating their Local Waste Management Plans in face of the recent National Strategy and Action Plan on Waste.

  • Sustainable development in Kosovo: Introducing Estonian environmental practices in Kosovo municipalities

    11 June 2014

    As part of the project "Sustainable development in Kosovo: introducing Estonian practices on waste and water management in Kosovo municipalities", a workshop on environmental planning practices took place on the 10th of June in Pristina. The project is funded by the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and coordinated by HEDC (Harju County Entrepreneurship and Development Consultancy) in cooperation with UN-Habitat/MuSPP. The workshop included presentations on common environmental challenges in European municipalities and green infrastructure by Ms. Kadri Tillemann and on local scale sewage technologies by Mr. Indrek Salis.

  • Kosovo delegation visits environmental projects in Estonia

    18 May 2014

    A study visit of a Kosovo delegation to Estonia took place from 12th to 16th May 2014. The delegation, composed of municipal representatives from MuSPP partner municipalities and one representative from the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning, visited the Estonian Parliament and had an occasion to meet with members of the Estonian Parliament Environment Committee, and discuss international cooperation and exchange of experiences in environmental protection and water and wastewater issues. Cross-border challenges were debated, with the example of Lake Peipus, where an effective cooperation with Russian authorities is essential.

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