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Municipality of Peja/Pec and MuSPP co-finance improvement of the city centre

The Head of UN-HABITAT and MuSPP Office in Kosovo, Krystyna Galezia and the Mayor of Peja/Pec Municipality,  Ali Berisha,  exchanged copies of the  Agreement of Cooperation in the Peja/Pec townhall on June 23, 2010.  The document specifies responsibilities of  each of the parties in co-financing the capital investment project (CIP) of “ Skenderbeu Square” in Peja/Pec city centre.  The development of the CIP derived from the approved Municipal and Urban Development Plans and it is a product of collaboration between professional staff of the Municipal Spatial Planning Support Programme and that of the Municipality of Peja/Pec. The project was developed in a participatory manner which involved different groups of citizens as well as key stakeholders including local business, NGO’s, utility providers and other field professionals. The ultimate aim of the USD 400,000 capital investment project is to regenerate one of the vital areas of the city whilst improving its accessibility, providing a pedestrian friendly and green environment and stimulating business growth. Agreements of Cooperation were exchanged also with the authorities of Mitrovica and Prizren for the capital projects in these cities.



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