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Junior Environmental Officer

Municipal Spatial Planning Support Programme in Kosovo

Vacancy Announcement


Junior Environmental Officer

Type of Contract

Individual Contract

Duration of Assignment

Six months (with possibility of extension)

Duty Station

Malishev/Mališevo, with travel and work in partner municipalities

Starting Date:

February/March 2013

Deadline for applications

27th February 2013


UN-Habitat has been actively assisting Kosovo institutions in the field of governance, spatial planning and municipal administration since 1999. Since 2005, the "Municipal Spatial Planning Support Programme" (MuSPP), funded by the Government of Sweden, supports secondary cities of Kosovo and smaller municipalities in drafting and implementing Spatial Planning Documents, including Municipal Development Plans and Urban Regulatory Plans (MDPs/URPs). The Programme is currently in its third phase and as part of its technical support, it provides assistance to partner municipalities in conducting integrated spatial planning with a focus on the environment, including the Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) of Municipal Development Plans. The MuSPP teams, composed of MuSPP field staff and municipal counterparts, are currently engaged in 12 municipalities across Kosovo, supporting the development of Spatial Planning activities through the direct involvement of the municipal staff and UN-Habitat field officers.

UN- Habitat MuSPP3 team is currently jointly drafting the Municipal Development Plan for the municipalities of Gračanica/Gracanica, Mamuša/Mamush, Malishev/Mališevo, Parteš/Partesh and also the revision of Peja/Peć MDP. As required by the Law on Strategic Environmental Assessment, and by the Law on Spatial Planning and related Administrative Instructions, the MDPs shall have a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA). Several other MuSPP plans and projects have a strong environmental dimension, for which studies in biodiversity assessment, water, waste management, forestry, among others are foreseen. With these ToR, UN-Habitat is aiming at reinforcing its inter-disciplinary approach with a stronger emphasis on environmental studies.

Purpose of the assignment

The general purpose of this assignment is to assist the MuSPP3 team and partner municipalities in a diverse scope of environmental projects, covering Strategic Environmental Assessment support, Municipal Development Plans, Urban Regulatory Plans, Capital Investment Projects and other plans and projects with environmental implication such as Waste Management plans and activities.

The Junior Environmental Officer will be based in Malishev/Mališevo with frequent visits to other field offices and to the Pristina office, providing assistance to MuSPP teams on environmental matters and helping to enhance MuSPP's environmental capacities. The Junior Environmental Officer will give support, as and when needed, to MuSPP's on-going activities within the environmental scope, providing environmental data, developing and implementing performance monitoring systems and indicators at the strategic, and activity levels for spatial plans and projects.

The Junior Environmental Officer will cooperate with International Environmental Consultants for Strategic Environmental Assessment in conducting the SEAs for the MDPs and Local Waste Management plans, jointly with the MuSPP team and local counterparts. The Junior Environmental Officer shall in carrying out the task refer to and consult the relevant legislation and Administrative Instructions regarding the compilation of MDP/SEA, Waste Management Plans, etc.

Main tasks

Under the direct supervision of the Human Settlements Officer and in close cooperation with the International Environmental Consultants, assigned working groups, and with the support of the MuSPP team of international and national professional officers, the Junior Environmental Officer will be responsible for the following main tasks:

1. Assist in the preparation of all activities related to SEA, waste management and other activities within the MuSPP team and provide support to the International Environmental Consultants in a series of tasks involving:

a. Compiling environmental data and conducting research on environmental matters in Kosovo;

b. Identifying critical issues related to the current social, economic and environmental situation in the municipalities through report reading, and field visits in order to create a baseline;

c. Conducting an in-depth review of the MDPs - visions, strategies and proposals - in cooperation with MuSPP team and local counterparts;

d. Organizing workshops for the MuSPP team and local counterparts to present up-to-date observations and identify information gaps, in order to set tasks with regard to additional information and data collection, and to discuss environmental objectives, targets and indicators;

2. Assist in identifying key stakeholders relevant for Environmental Assessment/studies and scheduling meetings with them, during the missions of the International Environmental Consultants and in coordination with the MuSPP team;

3. Attend meetings connected to on-going tasks, provide translation when needed, and prepare minutes from the meetings for further reference;

4. Assist in preparing Sector Studies on specific environmental matters (such as water, waste management, biodiversity, etc) as support to MuSPP projects and activities;

5. Provide substantive inputs and cooperate in the preparation of MDP and SEA Reports and Project Proposals;

6. Collect additional data and information and perform other tasks as assigned by the Human Settlements officer or Head of Office.

7. Provide monthly progress reports and inputs to interim and 6-monthly progress reports for the Prishtina office;

8. Provide logistical and administrative support and perform any other functions and tasks which may be required by the nature of the project's activities and as assigned by the Human Settlements Officer or Head of Office

Although the primary purpose of the assignment is to conduct environmental studies and to provide support to strategic environmental assessment, it is expected that the tasks will also have a capacity building character to improve understanding and skills regarding Strategic Environmental Assessment among the participants in the planning process.

Specific Tasks and Deliverables

The Junior Environmental Officer specific tasks will be:

1. To assist in the preparation of a biodiversity assessment study for Moronica Park in Junik, in cooperation with MuSPP team, municipal officers, other stakeholders and partners. The study is expected to provide information on the environmental conditions, landscape, biodiversity, monitoring measures and guidelines for nature protection in Moronica;

2. To assist in the Strategic Environmental Assessment process of the MDPs of Malishev/Mališevo and Parteš/Partesh and the MDP revision for Peja/Peć, in close cooperation with the International Environmental Consultant. Expected specific activities relate to compiling relevant data, preparing meetings and workshops, providing translation support in the field and facilitating capacity building activities related to the SEAs in Malishev/Mališevo, Parteš/Partesh and Peja/Peć, assist in preparing a presentation of the draft SEA Reports to MuSPP management, team and local counterparts for comments, providing translation when needed, cooperate in finalising the SEA Reports and review translation;

3. To provide technical assistance and support in the preparation of one Sustainability Appraisal Workshop, in cooperation with International Consultants who will be conducting the workshop;

4. To provide technical assistance and support in the preparation of the Local Waste Management Plans;

5. To monitor and support on-going CIPs in partner municipalities and related environmental activities, proposing/organising environment educational activities.

Expected Deliverables:

1) Final Biodiversity Assessment Report for Moronica Park, and

2) Monthly progress reports submitted for evaluations/discussions.


Professionalism: Demonstrates professional competence and mastery of subject matter. Good research, analytical and problem-solving skills. Conscientious and efficient in meeting commitments, observing deadlines and achieving results.

Communication: Excellent and effective written and oral skills; ability to persuade people with varying points of view and to present information in a concise and accurate manner, ability to clearly communicate links between the organizations.

Planning and Organizing: Proven ability to plan, coordinate and monitor own work and that of others. Ability to work under pressure and uses time efficiently. Identifies priority activities and assignments, adjust priorities as required.

Teamwork: Works collaboratively with colleagues to achieve organizational goals. Solicits input by valuing others ideas and expertise and is willing to learn from others.



Bachelors Degree in Environmental studies or equivalent academic degree.

Work experience and other requirements

Practical experience in related field

General knowledge of theories, principles and practices of environmental sciences (assessment of the environmental impacts, sustainability appraisal, pollution controls, sample collection, field measurement techniques)

Knowledge of GIS is an advantage

Computer skills (ability to use word processing software, spreadsheet software and database software)

Familiar with the Law on Spatial Planning and other relevant legislation

Ability to work in a team and to undertake initiative to ensure smooth relations and open communication within the team and with partners

Good analytical, solution defining and creative skills

Possession of a valid driver's license

Be willing to work across the entire MuSPP geographical area, including temporary placements at other field offices

It is essential that the candidate be able to meet deadlines for reporting and all project work.

NOTE: The quality and extent of the person's qualifications, skills and experience in the requirements above will determine the level to which a successful applicant will be appointed

Special consideration

The candidate should:

Be familiar with and loyal to the goals of UN-Habitat and UN

Express enthusiasm and willingness to share experiences and transfer knowledge

Take responsibility and make sure tasks are fully completed

Be sensitive to gender issues and issues of concern to vulnerable groups

Be flexible and prepared to pursue goals through teamwork

The incumbent should be available for the suggested schedule


For the post advertised, excellent proficiency in spoken and written English and Albanian is required. Knowledge of other local languages is an additional asset.

Interested candidates must submit to the email address: 
the following documents/information to demonstrate their qualifications: 
 Cover letter explaining why they are the most suitable for the work
 Completion of a CV in P11 Form, which can be downloaded at
The CV shall include information on the past experience in similar projects and at least 3 references.
Deadline for applications: 27 February 2013

Please note that applications received after the closing date stated above, will not be given consideration. Only short-listed candidates whose applications respond to the above criteria will be contacted for interview.


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